Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here it is, the first rainfall of the season, not much rain just a steady sprinkling, the air soft and dewy.

My mind spins with all the chores I should be tackling, house cleaning, fundraising, promoting of causes, however my imagination is caught up in the smell of Autumn.

I am close to becoming an "empy nest'er" how will I fill the void ? Who will I pick up after? Will I just inherit a new set of worries? Yes, I will worry about The East Bakersfield Optimists Club, how will we raise funds to meet the needs of children in our community. Yes I will worry about the Kern County Sheriffs Activity League and how we will raise funds to help youth. Yes I will worry about Breast Cancer and Links for Life/Light the Town Pink fundraiser.

And yet today I play games on my laptop, listen to Pearl Jam , and check Twitter and FaceBook to see if any of my friends are doing anything interesting today, work and worry can wait until for another day.