Saturday, January 28, 2012

Genealogy or Addicted to the Past

About 18 months ago I joined and my addiction was instant.
I thought I knew who my ancestors were and where they were from; England, Ireland, Germany and Native Americans- Cherokee, Choctaw and Osage, however my research would prove that most of what I knew was inaccurate.

First I assumed (and you know what assumed means) that my ancestors knew how to spell their names, umm NO!, that they knew their birthdays, again NO! and that they would be truthful about what country they came from- another big NO!

I have connected with a bunch of new relatives and discovered that my hubby's sister-in-law is actually a cousin to me. Whoo hooo. A whole bunch of family right here in the town I live in.

I am currently researching the following families: Holman from Oklahoma; Pitts from Tennessee, Missouri and Oklahoma; Arnett from Missouri and Oklahoma; Little from Missouri; Hathorn-Hawthorn-Hawthorne from Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma; Woods from Arkansas; Couch from Arkansas; Goodwin from Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma; Williams from Arkansas and Oklahoma; Debord from Kentucky; Minton from Kentucky; Stice from Kentucky; Baggs from Arkansas just to name a few.
What a task, the spellings of names change from census record to death. Ages change; my ancestors claimed to be older in order to get married or work. As the years progressed they would start saying they were younger - can't blame them, but makes research more difficult.

Anyway this is an introduction to my journey into genealogy, I will be posting stories of my ancestors soon.