Friday, January 8, 2010

Can you do the Twist?

Today Elvis Presley would have been 75 years old if he had lived.

Music defines every year, era and stage of my life.

My very youngest memory is connected to the song "Let's Twist Again" by Chubby Checker. I remember sneaking out of bed, very quietly tip-toeing to my bedroom door and peeking out to watch my parents and some of their friends dancing "The Twist" on the hardwood floor in our living room. Rapture, the music, the joy , then oops my mom spotted me. I tried to run back to bed but my dad came after me, picked me up and danced with me. Pure rapture.

My parents loved music and dancing. We danced in our house everyday, everytime a song with a beat came on, "Wooly Bully" and "Hey Good Lookin" are two that bring back very specific happy memories.

When I was 8 I had the maddest crush on Elvis. While watching his movies on TV I would run up and kiss the TV. This is the age I started buying Elvis records. My first was a 45 "In the Ghetto". I still have it.

Music evokes emotions , some happy, some sad, some sentimental. Music wakes sleeping memories, of people , events, places. Music stirs my soul.

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