Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pizza or goodwill

My parents taught me through example, by the way they lived their lives , that helping others was indeed a magnificent way of life. Helping others gave me a sense of accomplishment, purpose and well being even at a very young age.

As a child my parents were always helping someone. I remember helping a complete stranger clean out a house she wanted to rent. The owner let her have the first months' rent free if she cleaned it herself. She was recently divorced with small children and very broke. If my memory serves me correctly quite a few neighbors pitched in to help.

Unfortunately youth today expects "The Government" to help. I was recently asked by a 12 year old girl, "Why didn't you get the government to pay for that?" and she honestly expects the government to take care of all needs. How much have today's' youth lost by NOT being expected to help others (without monetary compensation). The rewards, skills, and self esteem that are built by doing for others is immeasurable.

"Magnificent Obsession" If you haven't seen either version of this film , please do. I watched this film many years ago and was struck by how much I wanted to BE a member of this Magnificent Obsession. However I was raising kids, saving dimes for pizza night, I did not have the time or money to be a philanthropist.

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