Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wisdom or Smarts?

"Mother nature is older and more experienced than you. If anything should ever happen -Don't do anything stupid- you know your mother and I will always love you." Quote from my Father Royce Hawthorne .

My Father is not an educated man. He was student in the 40's and 50's before Hyper Active -Attention Deficit or Dyslexia were recognized and yes he suffered from all of these. My dad suffered through school, reading was slow and painful for him yet he had a teacher in high school who decided to read his tests to him and low and behold he earned his dipolma.

In some ways my father seems to be simple and innocent. Tell him a joke and most likely he will take it literally, not understand the subtexts. Yet my dad was and is a very wise man. Back in a time when most people were unaware of child molesters, child murderers my dad was ever vigilant and protective of me, his only child, and all children he came into contact with. My dad was suspicious of all strangers, most friends and family members. He saw through a persons looks and tried to see into their soul (for lack of a better term), looking for hidden evils. Many people considered my dad overly protective, paranoid and down right mean, however some of these same people were appalled and dismayed to find out their own children had been victims of "evil". While one cannot place blame on unknowing parents, one can recognize my dad's wisdom, wisdom beyond his education, beyond his appearance.

To say my dads over-protectiveness annoyed me to no end, made him the butt of many jokes and unkind remarks by others is an extreme understatement, but I look back and am more than proud and thankful for my father and his love and protection.

While being smart and educated is desirable, I think I value WISDOM more. I strive to be wise , kindhearted , loving, and protective of others as my dad is.

Thank you for reading and best wishes to you and yours.

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