Monday, December 21, 2009

Who am I?

Over the years I have been many different people. When I was young I was Connie -daughter, granddaughter , niece , cousin , child. Once I married I was Mrs & wife, soon I was Mom, mom to three children. At work I was , the gal who was great at answering the phone, great at detailed research of customers accounts, the gal who could get customers to pay their bill and be happy about paying. I was also the "Morning" person, the employee who always cleaned the breakroom and had coffee ready to go the next day.

Now I am GRANDMA and this is the most rewarding identity I have had so far.

As GRANDMA my job entails being my grandchildrens number one fan, their champion, the person who is always in their corner -NO MATTER WHAT. As a parent your job is to raise independent , self reliant, self sustaining adults-this is NOT my job!! I have no responsibilities -except to be the one person in the world who never judges only loves.

I worry that my own children may experience some jealousy , perhaps even harbor some small resentment in the change of my personality, however I hope they realize that being a Grandparent is completely different from being a parent. I wonder if Casey Anderson was unable to share her parents love, devotion with her daughter. Was jealousy and resentment a driving force in her actions? I don't worry that any of my children would ever commit such an atrocity but I do take measures to let my kids know that my love for their children is an extension of my love for them.

Do I have a point to this ramble, NOPE.. just wanted to say, the more you love the more love you have to give.

Happy Holidays

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  1. Mmmmm... sounds yummy Connie! Glad you had such a wonderful experience. I think the Padre is already becoming a fabulous addition to the downtown area.